Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cleaning Lady vs. Soap Dish

I have a cleaning lady. Actually, it's more of a cleaning team of 5, but I hate to say that because it makes it seem like my house is too dirty for one poor woman to handle alone... Which, now that I think of it, is actually the case... Because I'm that one poor woman who can't handle it alone.

Anyway! I have this cleaning lady who comes twice a month. The main reason I have her (them) come is to wax my floors. I have about 6000 square feet of polished concrete flooring in my house. I hate to wax it, so I have hired out the waxing chore. But, once she is (they are) here, it just makes sense for her (them) to just give the whole house a quick once-over.

I love it that twice a month my house is clean from top to bottom. It smells clean, it looks polished, the carpets are all fluffy and nice... For the most part, it's really great! The only consequence I've discovered is the ongoing destruction of my soap dish.

My soap dish wasn't particularly expensive, nor is it especially attractive... But it does perform a useful function, and I did actually purchase it for that functional reason.

For some unfathomable reason, the cleaning lady has taken issue with my soap dish. After the first cleaning, I noticed a little chip on the base of the soap dish... After I discovered the chip, I thought,

Oh, well... If that's the worst of it, I guess I can live with that...

After the second cleaning, I noticed another chip in the soap dish.

And then there were the third and fourth cleanings...

Seriously? What's the deal!? Does the cleaning lady have something against soap dishes in general? Is it just my soap dish? Is she expressing her passive-aggressive tendencies toward me through the soap dish? Does she really hate all the waxing that my house requires--is this her manifestation of her desire to be fired? I can't quite figure it out... What do you think?


TravelByTurtle said...

The soap dish is slippery and they are wearing gloves....

Bebe said...

OK. Boring explanation, but plausible. I still like the thought of the treachery involved with them punishing me for subjecting them to all that floor waxing. It's more dramatic. And you know how I do love drama. :) Miss you--when are you gonna come visit?

Kacy & Adam said...

Yep, same cleaning team shattered my soap dish too! :)

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