Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goals and Imminent Failure

According to well established tradition, this is the time of year to set goals or resolutions in an effort to start life anew. That's all fine and everything, but why is it that most of us set goals regarding our weight--and those goals come into play just after the month of holiday feasting? Does that seem unfair to anyone else? I think there is a certain amount of unfairness here.

So, in the spirit of fairness--I'm giving myself another month before I trepidatiously resume my deprived eating odyssey. Actually, I think I'm going to wait until after I have Cummings Studio chocolates for Valentine's Day. Of course, after Valentine's I'll have to get some Dove chocolate truffle eggs for Easter. It wouldn't be fair to ask me to forgo those Doves--they only sell them for a few weeks each year. And then, of course, I'll be obligated to indulge in chocolate cake for my birthday... You wouldn't want me to miss out on my own birthday cake, would you??? Hmmm maybe I'll have to wait until swimsuit season gets here to start worrying about it. Is that too late?

You know, maybe I'm just not destined to be a successful weight loss kind of gal... I've lost a little weight (check out my SkinnyR Graph!). But maybe I've arrived on some perverse weight loss plateau of doom that just won't be breached.

At this point, I have to ask...
Does anyone feel even slightly inclined
to recommend Liposuction???


Olivia said...

No liposuction.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Love the graph!!! WTG!!!!

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