Monday, January 5, 2009

Karma or Murphy's Law

Isn't it always the way things go?

The kids are out of school for what, two weeks? That's plenty of time to catch a cold, nurse it better with the help of a favorite blankie, fuzzy socks, hot tang and/or other warm elixirs, and then get over it. Right?

But, no. Nobody around here (except me) gets sick all through the holidays. The kids are healthy and happy and fully enjoying the snow... And then the first morning back to school arrives, bringing with it sore throats, runny noses, and hacking coughs.

What's with that? Is it Karma? Murphy's Law? Bad Luck? Just typical? End of term testing? Do you think I should be a little suspicious???

And you know what? Those who aren't sick (yet) will be, just as soon as they mingle with all the other little germies in their Kindergarten classes! Oh, I can hardly wait!


Olivia said...

Can I get out of work if I get sick too? If so, I'll be right over to snuggle up with all three of them.

Madison said...

YOU TOO!!!!!

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