Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's Your Passion?

I recently read an article that said you should only blog about topics about which you feel passionate. That's an interesting concept--and probably a really good idea. Here's my dilemma... I am not deep and complex--I am shallow... *name that movie* There are lots of things I'd put on my List of Favorites, but I'm not sure any of those things qualify as passions. I think (if I search really deep) I might be able to come up with something, in the meantime, you'll have to settle for my ramblings of insignificance.

I can list a few things about which I have strong feelings. Is that good enough? If so, these would be among my topics...

1. Breakfast should include Diet Coke (for moms, not kids).
2. Cupcakes belong in the acceptable breakfast food group.
3. Winter is heavenly (several of my neighbors disagree--they're threatening to sell their snow ensconced houses in favor of beach front property).
4. Carrying a great purse is empowering (even if it's empty).
5. The perfect shoes (usually high-heeled boots) make the outfit.
6. A good hairstylist is worth keeping (a good housekeeper even more so).
7. Birthdays should involve presents and/or a night out (sans kids).
8. The Christmas holidays get better after Christmas Day.
9. Dance trips are as much for my relaxation as they are for The Princess' dancing.
10. Triplets get better with age.
11. Bodies that have born triplets get saggier with age.
12. Teenage boys are an ongoing source of amusement/frustration/confusion.
13. Daughters who dance are a joy to watch (and cost a lot of money).
14. Every mother needs a daughter.
15. Every daughter needs a mother.
16. It's good to have involved grandparents.
17. It's good to love your Mister.
18. It's even better if your Mister loves you.
19. Families can be together forever (and I think I'm OK with that).
20. Blogging is more fulfilling when comments are involved.
21. Cummings Studio Chocolates are the best (especially Boston Opera Creams and Bacardi Rum Creams--don't judge me!).

The last entry is one I have very strong feelings about--strong negative feelings (hey, not all strong feelings are warm and fuzzy!).

22. Diets.

That's my list--I hope you weren't looking for some nice, round number, 'cause that's all I've got. So how about you? What's your passion?


Bonnie the Boss said...

I feel the same way about Diet Coke.

TravelByTurtle said...

Music, with or without lyrics. Music opens for me a thesaurus of meaning so expansive and deep as to be mystical.
That, and playing with kids. Being an adult (no giggles here) can be so BORING!

Bebe said...

OK Travel By Turtle--now who's being COMPLEX!?

Bebe said...

And BTW--bonus points for anyone who can name the movie!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I am new here! What a great blog! Hope you have a beautiful day! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

jules said...

i like your list.
are you familiar with "the color code" personality test? i am guessing that you are yellow? i am blue, i am passionate about everything. and that explains a complementary friendship....

the winters here are unpredictable like utah, maybe more so. you never know what will happen. but yes, we should get more snow, and probably more ice storms. and the mississippi (i use the silly little jokes i learned in elementary school every time i spell that!) should freeze and thaw several more times.

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