Monday, January 19, 2009

Future Value

This post is a detour from the changes that I alluded to yesterday. While I want to focus more on family and less on "work," money does still have it's place in our society. The value of money is especially evident right now as The Boy is trying to earn money around the house to pay for his traffic ticket and traffic school. The Boy mopes around the house asking for something he can do for money. Of course, he usually isn't interested in the type of jobs I am willing to offer. But the constant refrain is,

Will you pay me for that?

Tonight, we were sitting at the dinner table when JJ needed a refill on his drink. The Boy wasn't eating (he had eaten earlier with friends) and was just standing in the kitchen chatting with us. Five-year-old JJ says,
"Hey, will you get me some juice? I'll pay you when I grow up!



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