Saturday, January 10, 2009

Silent Night - NOT a Christmas Post

We've just emerged from a snowy streak which involved three solid days of snowfall and blowing drifts. We worried about whether or not the school buses would make it. We worried about whether or not the kitties were too cold in the garage. We worried about getting the snowplow driver here in time to make it to our appointments. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, but still, we worried.

Yesterday, the weather turned the corner. After the final flurries of the morning, we emerged from our snow encased house to enjoy the warming weather. The clouds cleared, revealing pale blue skies and thin sunshine. The wind was nonexistent, and the kids fled the house to hit the hills on their sleds.

At the end or our carefree day of beautiful weather, we were shocked when our power went out a few minutes after 9pm! There seemed to be nothing precipitating the fall of darkness upon our neighborhood. But our powerless community went quiet and dark and became invisible to the residents of the valleys.

We stayed here for the night, snuggled warm in our beds. But by sunrise, our bedrooms were hovering under the 60* mark. I'm sure it would have been worse if the wind had kicked back up, but the evening remained quiet--unnaturally quiet. In fact, I repeatedly dreamed that the power was back on... I thought I heard the furnace run, I thought I heard the dryer, I thought I heard the TV, but I didn't. It remained quiet outside my dream altered mind.

Our home was back to near-normal by noon today. I'm happy to report that the TV is back on and the laundry is running through the cycles. We seem to have fried our Internet connection, but thank goodness for The Mister's air card, which is the only way to get Internet today. We enjoyed a fun morning with Grandma and Grandpa at their house. They fed us a yummy breakfast and entertained us for the morning. It's nice to have family so close so we can crash there when needed.

It sometimes seems like we're cursed for living where we do. We sure have our fair share of excitement. But I love it here, and I'm not thinking about changing anything!


Nerdy Jess said...

What a pretty picture! We haven't had much snow this year, just horrid bitter cold air. Bluck.

Thanks for the vote on the boots, I havent bought any yet. I'm headed to the mall this afternoon so I'll check someout there! :)

kel said...

I know you'll think I'm nuts.. but I am so jealous! I want snow!

The Strosser Family said...

I seriously kept having the same type of feelings... Was that the microwave beeping in the middle of the night?? Did I just hear the heater kick on?? Silence! We embraced it though, all snug in MY bed!!

pam said...

Your wintery photo is very pretty. I am glad the power is back on and you didn't have to wait for days. It sounds like you had a great time at the grandparents making memories.

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