Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Missing The Mister

Remember when I said that the house would be cleaner with The Mister gone for the week? Usually it is, but this time I was mistaken.

I went to work (apparently I do still have a job), and then I started to clean the house, but my cozy bed just didn't want to be made. It beckoned to me and I submitted to a (very brief) nap.

I never nap (really!) but I made an exception today. I think it's all that getting up early to get everyone out the door on time... The Mister is truly missed in the morning. (And by the way--I really, truly hate mornings... I'm glad The Mister is a morning person.) Getting the hooligans out the door on time isn't easy without help. Mister, come home!

My idea of bliss? The Mister comes home to a clean house, he wakes up early to get the kids out the door, I sleep in... bliss...


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