Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today's the Day

Ah--The Ticket. Today is the deadline for paying the fine without having late fees added on top.

The Eldest has been paying his penalty for his speeding ticket. We've had him clean windows, shovel snow, pick up The Buddies' toys, and fold laundry (among other things). Tomorrow he's going to experience the joy of cleaning up after the kitties. Remember those adorable little balls of fluff that he just couldn't live without? Well, I can live without the little surprises they leave in the corners of the garage...

All in all, The Boy has been a good sport. I just hope he learned his lesson and he doesn't get another ticket anytime soon. Otherwise the fees and time spent in Traffic School will have been a waste.

Slow down, boy! Don't let life rush past you so quickly!


TravelByTurtle said...

Maybe a fairness doctrine will have his punishments in the future be reduced by some numeric formula taking into account Bebe's driving infractions as a divisor????

Bebe said...

You are so funny! I'll have to make sure you get your trophy for Funniest Friend. Love ya!

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