Friday, January 30, 2009

Compliments of the Triplets

It's a known fact that we have triplets. I find it surprising how unremarkable our situation has become. I used to inspire a certain amount of admiration from other mothers for my great achievement (just surviving the first year with triplets is an achievement). Lately, I find I am often one-upped by a mom who has triplets and a set of twins.

While I don't envy the twin/triplet moms, I do admit to scrutinizing their physiques. I hate it when people say,

Oh, you look good for having triplets.

I'm pretty sure that's not a compliment. I'd much rather hear,
I can't believe you ever had triplets, you look amazing!

But here's the thing, those twin/triplet moms usually do look better than me. I haven't decided if it's because they're all younger than me (let's not discuss my actual age--please?). Or maybe those extra little bodies run those poor moms ragged. My theory is that those twin/triplet moms need to get out of the house to maintain their sanity. I think they use the gym as an acceptable escape from their real lives.

Regardless, I find it a little disconcerting. It makes me look a whole lot less "good, for having triplets." And a whole lot more "gee, what happened to you?"

I know I could drag myself to the gym. In fact, I'll acknowledge that I should get more exercise. But the truth is, I just don't have any kind of fondness for the gym. I don't like all the hard bodies (especially in comparison), I don't like the mirrors (holy cow! They're everywhere!), I don't like the locker rooms (eew), I don't like the skinny girls who've never earned a stretch mark (no explanation necessary)...

So, I guess this is it. I can live with my I-only-have-triplets-not-triplets-and-twins inferiority complex. I can suck it up and hit the gym. Or I can call a plastic surgeon and get The Works. Any doctors out there who want to do some pro bono work?


honeypiehorse said...

Being one-upped by other triplets moms sounds rough. Some people!

beth - Total Mom Haircut said...

I hate the gym. I've tried so hard to like on several occasions, but I just don't. You might be onto something though - I imagine the child care room for a mom with twins AND triplets looks pretty sweet:)

heartsfullofjoy said...

i really don't think you can be one-upped after having triplets. i really don't. and i think you've earned the right to look any way you want AND feel good about it.

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