Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mom's Day Off

After being the voice of authority, the mistress of discipline, and the constant caregiver for a week, I needed a break. Boy, was I glad when The Mister got back from Florida last night! I took a bubble bath and went to bed.

This morning The Mister took HRH to dance, got The Boy up and going, helped clean up the house, and took The Buddies to the Children's Museum.

I, on the other hand, took the whole day off. I slept in, refused to do any meaningful housework, and enjoyed the (extremely infrequent--but sinfully blissful) quiet of a few hours at home... alone... I watched a chick flick, ate Toaster Strudel, and vegged on the couch.

Oh, what I would do for more days like this!


Sarai said...

Hi! I found your blog on the NaBloPoMo January 2009 Blogroll.

Sounds like the absolute perfect day. That's actually how I spend a good many of my days. Except for one problem - I envy your busy life with children! ;-)

Kacy & Adam said...

Ahhh...sounds blissful! I am on the verge of losing it as I type this (i have escaped the insanity for a few minutes to regain mine!)since adam is away as well. At least his being away makes me realize how really helpful he is when he is around, teehee!

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