Sunday, January 11, 2009

How to End a Week

I want to change the calendar. Why is it that calendars always show Sunday as the beginning of the week? Isn't Sunday the second day of a two day weekend? How is it part of the weekend if it's at the first of the week? Where's the sense in that? And anyway--doesn't Sunday just seem more like the end of the weekend, and thus, the end of the whole week? Who starts their week at the end?

I'm going to lobby to move Monday to the first column on the calendar. Who's with me here?

Here's my plan: Start on Monday, survive the 5 work days--celebrate for two days. Repeat...

So much better. So, next week (tomorrow--because Sunday is now the end of my current week), I'm going to be so organized. I'll get everything done early in the week and maybe I'll even be able to start my weekend celebration a little early. Don't you think the weekend deserves an extra day? Friday, you better look out! I see a celebration heading your way!


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