Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

I'm not sure what Christmas Eve is like for other families.  For our family, it's a time to rush around getting all the last minute details finished.  I'm usually hoping that I can get everything accomplished before the clock strikes, and my time is up. 

This year I was lucky enough (trust me, it was luck, not good planning) to get everything done outside of the house by early afternoon.   The Princess and I did a little shopping, went out for a quiet lunch, and came home to do some baking.  We made sugar cookies, coconut bread, chocolate fondue, and deviled eggs.  And we were done with time to spare!

Tonight we went to grandma and grandpa's house for dinner.  It might not be the most nutritious meal of the year for our family.  But it is the most loved.  We had cheese fondue, dips, chips, salsas, and spreads.  There were veggies for those who were pretending to be healthy, and the fruit was offered with a liberal amount of chocolate fondue for dipping. 

Some of the kids were excited to get a gift to open.

 Others wished they had been able to choose their own package... 
What?  Jammies, again?

Upon our return home, we called NORAD for a Santa Watch update.  We were informed that Santa had left Atlanta and was on his way to Utah.  We learned that the reindeer were hungry, and that Santa was accepting all offerings (especially cookies--don't tell Mrs. Claus that he's fudging on his diet). 

We threw special reindeer food from the deck... 

And tucked everyone into bed for the evening. 
Would it be too much to hope that they sleep until 9?


honeypiehorse said...

Wonderful pictures, Merry Christmas!

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