Friday, December 18, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I have a guilty pleasure.  It's not chocolate (although that is certainly in the running).  It isn't sleeping late during the week (I wish it were, but I have 4 kids to get to the school bus).  It's that moment when I pull back into the garage, after waiting for the bus with the kids at the top of the street. 

Every morning I breathe a sigh of relief as I close the garage doors. That moment heralds a brief interlude in the hectic pace of my day.  Because I'm not a morning person, I try to avoid scheduling anything during that first hour that I'm alone.  I take pleasure in puttering around the house...  Doing laundry, or not.  Washing dishes, or not.  Sometimes I just sit on the couch and daydream for a few minutes.

I love that time of day...

*Funny that my musings brought me to this topic today.  The remainder of this post was written 2 hours after the initial sentence was scripted.

Today I pulled in to the garage fully anticipating a few minutes to myself.  I put off making the beds in favor of reading my favorite blogs and updating Facebook.  I sat around in my pajamas (I had showered, but neglected to find anything more comfortable to wear).  Suddenly, the phone rang.  The caller ID hinted that this wasn't going to be a good call.

JJ had fallen after getting off the school bus and was in the  front office.  It appeared that he might need stitches in his chin.  Ugh.  There goes the morning!  I ran out the door (yep, still in my jammies), with wet hair, and no makeup.  Oh, the start of a beautiful day...


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