Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

Our house has seen a lot of change this year.  Most of it good...  Here's the synopsis: 

The Boy found this wings this year and left the nest.  He moved into an apartment to be closer to school (and the social scene!).  We miss his fun personality, but he's happy, and that makes me really happy.  High School Graduation was a big event.  We're just waiting to see what comes next for him.

The Princess made a big change and left her dance studio.  She is now studying at a classical ballet studio.  We were surprised and flattered when she was asked to join Provo Civic Ballet, a pre-professional ballet company.  She is thriving with the new curriculum and we expect big things from her.

JJ lost his first two teeth this year.  He loves school, and his teacher has a real soft spot for him.  He wants to start taking hip-hop classes, but his propensity for visits to the ER have discouraged me from enrolling him...  Heaven, help us! 

Max is quite a little reader.  He's made some great friends at school and is always friendly.  He's been cracking us up lately with his home videos.  He's really a ham!  I wouldn't be surprised to see one of his films at the Sundance Film Festival in the future!

Zeke has lost one tooth so far this year, but he's working hard on another.  He's my best helper.  And my biggest, little boy.  He's gonna make a great football player some day!  Unless he decides to go to culinary school instead.  He's a big question mark...  Good at just about everything he does, but not  settled anywhere...

The Mister is still working in the pharmaceutical industry.  He travels more than I like, but he's doing well and he likes his job.  He bought a boat this year and has been renting it out to justify the cost.  It was going great until a renter hit a sandbar and curled the prop...  Oh, the joys of small business...

I'm not sure what I've actually been doing this year.  I'm always busy, but I don't have much to show for all my busyness.  I'm still in real estate, but it has taken a back seat to chauffeuring, chaperoning, and cheffing...  If things go as planned, I hope to do more with photography this coming year.

The Bean Family is healthy and well.  We look forward to seeing what 2010 will bring our way.  We wish our friends and family a prosperous new year, and wish you all the best! 


honeypiehorse said...

Quite a year. Happy 2010!

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