Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Lists

I asked The Buddies if they knew what they wanted for Christmas.  I thought writing letters to Santa would be a fun way to practice their handwriting skills.

Z was quick to give me his requests, although the majority of his items aren't exactly age-appropriate.  The toys he wants are either Lego sets that are too advanced, or just things that I'm pretty sure he won't really enjoy.

M was definate about what he wants.  I think he'll be bored by Christmas afternoon, but what can I say?

In my opinion, JJ gave the most thoughtful answer.  He informed me that he hasn't watched all the toy commercials yet and he will have to get back to me with his decision.  I think I'm gonna be in trouble here...


honeypiehorse said...

Actually, JJ sounds like he'll never give you a moment of trouble. As long as you don't cross him.

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