Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lunch on a Diet

I met a friend for lunch today.  She was running late, so I asked the waitress for the nutritional information on the menu items.  Boy, what a mistake.  What started as a casual get-together became a distressing cram session on fat content and caloric totals.  By the time my friend arrived, I wasn't sure I was brave enough to order anything but a cup of water (with a side of ice and a straw).

What is it about the size of menu offerings these days?  Since when does a simple bowl of oatmeal need to weight in at 520 calories?  And why do salads have 490 calories?  And what on earth is anyone thinking when they order a sandwich and side for 1210 calories...?  No wonder we are all getting fat (sorry, I didn't mean you, I should have said I...).

I've been doing the BodyBugg thing for about a month now.  I really like it, because it works for me.  Of course, the only reason it works is because I'm willing to be brutally honest.  In light of my new efforts, I'm going to repost my SkinnyR graph at the bottom of my blog.  Please cheer me on, and no snarky comments when I sneak a cookie is a weak moment!  Wish me luck!  


TravelByTurtle said...

How to read the graph? As one goes 'lower' on the graph, the numbers get larger??? Thx.

Bebe said...

It's supposed to show how far above or below your starting weight. So if you gain, it's supposed to show + and the value or if you lose it's - and the number of pounds lost. I assume the number is bigger because the amount of the loss is increasing... But I don't understand the values... I certainly don't weigh over 200 pounds!

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