Monday, December 21, 2009


Fruitcake, that name is something that puts fear into the hearts of small children.  At least my small children.  What's so scary about Fruitcake?  Well, it's not the gooey gumdrops.  It isn't the sweet and sticky bits of fruit.  It has nothing to do with the crunch of chopped nuts...  In fact, when you say the word Fruitcake, my children don't envision this:

But since we're on the topic, when was the last time you sampled a fruitcake?  This happy holiday is hallmarked by the most sinful sweets and tasty treats.  And while I've sampled many things this week, including white chocolate eggnog fudge, gourmet chocolates, cinnamon buns, fruit tarts, Nutella-filled ebelskivers, chocolate and caramel covered pretzels, I have to admit that there was nary a fruitcake in sight.

But I digress, because we aren't really talking about fruitcake, we're actually talking about Fruitcake...  Meet Fruitcake:

He fills the hearts of children with fear.  He has even been known to startle an unsuspecting adult...  And yet, he's a holiday fixture (albeit one that's been banished to a room where his presence is unlikely to startle the uninitiated).  I guess every family's got a Fruitcake of sorts, ours just happens to be a holiday adornment, and not a member of our family tree.

I hope you enjoy your fruitcake as much as we will continue to enjoy our Fruitcake.  Happy Holidays to All!


Christensen Family said...

Where did you find white chocolate eggnog fudge and nutella-filled ebelskivers? I've been sampling in all the wrong places...

Bebe said...

I made them both, wanna come over?! And BTW--I also sampled your breakfast casserole... YUM!

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