Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pocket Protectors Optional

I am willing to concede to being a bit of a technology addict.  Interpret that statement as you will.  I am familiar with the terms geek, nerd, dweeb, and techie, and you can feel free to add to the list. 

The truth is, I love the newest gadgets, and I love to be the first to get the latest upgrade.  I talk hands free  in my car via Bluetooth (I set it up myself).  I have XM Satellite Radio in my car.  Our house is wired for video, internet, and sound, all set up to work wirelessly.  I can run the EyeTV, Apple TV, and our 2 plasma TVs.  We have 2 mac computers, a PC, 2 laptops, and a netbook, all of which I am adept at operating.  I use iTunes, YouTube, and I can modify my blog template and backrounds.  I'm not an idiot!       

But I'm embarrased to admit that I was seriously stumped this morning.  My cleaning ladies were here yesterday.  They are a nice group of Spanish-speaking ladies (accompanied at times by a single guy...).  Several months ago they politely asked if they could turn on the whole-house speakers to listen to music while they worked.  I didn't see any reason why that would be a problem, so I agreed.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  These quiet, mild-mannered ladies proceeded to crank up the music on their favorite All-Spanish-All-the-Time station.  I laughed a little to myself, and then promptly left the house before irreparably damaging my hearing.  I had forgotten all about the Spanish station, until this morning.

Somehow, in the process of changing the station and the volume settings, the ladies had also reset the clock, and programmed the radio to come on automatically at 9am today.  I was just stepping into the shower when a very loud, and unexpected noise blasted through the speakers from nearly every room in the house.  I smiled and proceeded to take my morning shower.  When I got out of the shower, the music had transitioned into some sort of talk show.  Although I don't speak any more Spanish than "si" and "gracias" it wasn't hard to find the chatter annoying.  Wrapped in a towel, I traipsed through the house to the master control console to turn off the music.  Boy, was I surprised to find that I couldn't turn it off!  I reset the clock, that didn't help.  I reset the starting time, that didn't help.  I reset the ending time, that didn't help.  I was dripping wet, frustrustrated, and contemplating the use of four letter words when I somehow got the noise to cease.  The biggest problem now is that I'm not sure it was a permanent fix.  I'm dreadfully afraid of a repeat event tomorrow morning...  Actually, since I changed the times, I hope it doesn't blast us out in the middle of the night!


TravelByTurtle said...

reĆ­do mi asno lejos

Bebe said...

OK. TBT, I think your Spanish might need help, too! I took your comment to babelfish... Do you want to resubmit???

TravelByTurtle said...

LMAO (in Spanish)

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