Friday, December 11, 2009


I saw something today that I never in a million years would have anticipated seeing.  It was an advertisement.  I know, advertising is everywhere...  Billboards, magazines, tv commercials, radio ads, the backs of t-shirt, hats...  The list in endless.  But this was a particularly unique service being advertised.

Gay and Lesbian Bridal Fashions...  Just think about that a minute...

It doesn't say wedding fashions, it says bridal fashions.  I can grasp the desire a lesbian couple might have for appropriate bridalwear...  But why is it necessary to include the words gay and lesbian?  Does that insinuate that male couples need bridal fashions, too?  Really, do they?  And beyond the whole gender issue is this question...  Do lesbians have different bridal needs than straight women?  Really, I want to know.

While I admit to being out of the loop when it comes to this specific lifestyle, I'm not being antogonistic.  I'm just really curious.  Does anybody have any answers for me?


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