Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fall has fallen.

Autumn came and went so quickly this year.  The colors have faded to a dreary shade of bland.  The wind no longer rattles the dried leaves, those leaves have long skittered away.  I nearly fooled myself into thinking it was still as warm as the sunshine made it look.  But the thermometer informed me that it was only 26* F outside my window this morning.

My brief walk to the bus stop to greet The Buddies was undertaken in a full winter coat, and I still found it to be nearly unbearable.  The wind was blowing with an unkind chill.  I feared my ears were becoming brittle in the wintry air.

The only vestige of the departed season that I could find was this tree.  The apples are withered and hang on the branches with a sense of desperation.  I fear that tomorrow will herald the true end of the season for this tree.  And with winter ready to surge into the valley, this remnant of Fall will soon be shrouded for another season.


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