Thursday, December 17, 2009

You call that an age difference?

I was out and about with The Buddies today.  At one point in the day, we were in a situation which required them to be interviewed.  The interview was casual and friendly, but the repeated question was,

Who's the oldest?
I always smirk when strangers ask this question of my triplets.  Because they always answer it the same way.  They inform the inquirer that their other brother is the oldest.  This starts a whole cycle of circular questioning... 
I know your brother is 18, but who is the oldest of you three...
We're all six!
I know that, but who was born first... 
We were all born the same day, we're triplets!

I just sit back and smile because they will never give up the answer.  Especially since they don't know the answer!  I always felt that birth order was irrelevant for multiples.  I think it's life experience and sibling influence that makes a difference in how certain first, second, or third children turn out.  And I don't think that 120 seconds qualifies as more life experience...  And besides, do you really think it's fair for one child to claim the title of the youngest of five  because of 120 seconds?  No, we didn't think so either.


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